Manage and optimize your SAP change processes


Rev-Trac® allows the simplification and automation of the control and management of SAP® changes from initial demand to production delivery. By easily identifying potential sources of errors, Rev-Trac® allows you to reduce the risks and costs associated with change management while accelerating production.

Automation and sequencing of the deployment of transport orders and the management of batch production (Release Management).

Extended object locking and management of overtaking or overwriting (OOPS functionality) as part of N, N+1 architectures.

Automatic documentation of changes and reporting in real time.

Automation of the SAP change validation workflow to control and impose compliance with procedures.

Automatic providing of an audit track proving compliance.

Manage and optimize your SAP change processes

Rev-Trac as DevOps conductor


With a solution deployed in a few weeks, changes in your complex SAP® environments are managed efficiently, securely, controlled, flexibly and quickly.

Allegation of team load thanks to a flexible and structuring workflow

Limited production incidents and secure transport

Securing parallel developments and tests

Accelerated projects and continuous delivery in Agile DevOps mode assured

HTML5 Web GUI interface, ergonomic, responsive, for all common devices, secure mobile access

Audit efforts reduced from a few days (or weeks) to a few hours

Rigorous documentation



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Case study


L’Oréal automates the management of its SAP changes with Rev-Trac

brochure Rev-trac

White paper

White paper on managing an S4/HANA migration with the Rev-Trac solution

brochure Rev-trac

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