Protect your sensitive SAP data in accordance with European law (GDPR)

Data privacy suite

Consisting of 4 SAP certified tools, to be used together or independently, Data Privacy Suite contributes to your compliance with the GDPR regulations, in force since 2018. Our solutions will allow you to locate, retrieve and present an individual’s fingerprint, and then to delete that data immediately or according to planned rules.

Data Secure

Encrypt, and anonymize any volume of sensitive data within your SAP off-production systems.

Data Redact

Response to the obligation to make targeted data permanently inaccessible and unreadable, without affecting the consistency of your SAP data or reports

Data Disclose

Identification and location of personal data within all SAP systems, report editing

Data Retain

Management of the retention period of personal data contained in the SAP system (Right to be forgotten-Art. 17 of the GDPR).

Ensure the security of your data with Data Privacy suite

Why Data Privacy Suite ?

Mass anonymisation of non-production sensitive data, fast and on demand.

Pre-defined or customizable anonymization rules

Rapid and automatic response to individual information requests

Search all SAP systems (stack systems ABAP), including systems connected via API.

Continued adherence to compliance.

Optimization of retention periods according to data types.

Anticipation of erasure requests with a standard response.

Reporting of unaffected non-sensitive data (e.g. geographic or gender statistics).

No archiving projects and expensive proprietary erasure solutions.

Data Privacy Suite


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Case study


Technical compliance with the GDPR for ENGIE B2C France

White paper


Facilitate GDPR compliance (from an SAP perspective)

“As a continuation, we have launched an anonymization project on all customer personal data, on all our non-production environments. We have two production chains. On each of these chains, there are development, qualification and recipe environments, and we have an non-production environment that merges these two chains. We have many environments that are copies of production, to realise performance and load tests. These are the environments that needed to be anonymized, to meet the demands of the CNIL, but also for IS security. So we decided to use Data Secure for this second project."

Philippe Josserand, SAP Centre of Excellence Manager


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