Select, copy and anonymize your SAP data

Data Sync Manager

With Data Sync Manager “DSM”, quickly create new off-production systems, copy selected data on demand while ensuring data integrity and encrypt your data to secure it.

System Builder™

Creation of a new shell system excluding production, without any application data.

Objet Sync™

Business users copy on-demand scenarios while maintaining data integrity.

Client Sync™

Creation of simplified SAP client that are fully functional and guarantee complete data integrity.

Data Secure™

Protection of sensitive data across non-production systems through flexible anonymization options.

Anonymize your data with Data Sync Manager

Why DSM?

With Data Sync Manager, you can reduce your disk space requirements by up to 80%, while guaranteeing your SAP users that they will have access at all times to the up-to-date data they need to support the activity, for testing, training or quality purposes.

Accurate and consistent data in off-production, on-demand systems

Speed and ease of creating client without post-processing

No more system interruptions and downtime

Significantly reduced cost of disk space and data storage

Compliance with data protection standards

Ease of use

Quick and simple installation, only one order of transport per system, no additional servers or middleware

Data Sync Manager


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Experience feedback


XPO Logistics uses DSM for refreshs and SAP data copies

White paper

SAP Test Data

How to get quality and up-to-date SAP test data?

Experience feedback


Sanofi manages its test data management on SAP S/4HANA with DSM

“ In our opinion, Data Sync Manager was the only solution on the market capable of meeting all the specific requirements of our project, in particular compatibility with S/4HANA. “

David Demarest, SHIFT Platform Management Lead,


“The tuning of Data Sync Manager on our environment and the associated performance tests were particularly successful and now allow us to set up a new SAP environment over a weekend.”

Damien Debertrand, Head of IT Shares Services Projects

XPO Logistics

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