Make SAP test automation accessible to business users


In the age of Agile teams and DevOps integration, Agilitest allows testers – whether technical or functional – to easily create, maintain and execute automated functional tests.

Low maintenance

The system provided by Agilitest ensures that the tests are not impacted by software software code changes


Any user can create and maintain an automated test thanks to the no-code interface offered by Agilitest

On demand test reports

The solution provides test reports in XML, PDF or video format easily customizable

Break down the barriers to Continuous Delivery with Agilitest

Why Agilitest ?

The solution integrates with CI/CD tools, supports regular sprints and allows deployments without manual non-regression tests. It introduces a common language for working on bugs and issues highlighted by test campaigns, enabling much better collaboration between testers and developers.

Permanent application validation.

Fast defects discovery and resolution.

Improved collaboration between teams.

Testers refocused on validation.

Enriched consideration of user needs.

Reduced support requests.


Agilitest brochure

Make SAP test automation accessible to business users

automatisation des tests fonctionnels SAP
White paper

Functional tests

The daily problems of the functional tester



Automate functional tests for happy teams


Automation of tests

Automation of tests at the service of SAP


"Software testing for SAP Companies has become a priority, especially because it is an essential brick of DevOps and Agility that allow organizations to adapt their information system faster and with fewer errors to the evolution of their strategy.

Agilitest is an innovative solution that combines performance, robustness and interoperability. Its ability to integrate with the main DevOps tools in today's market, and to rely on a free Open Source execution engine, makes it a real novelty in the SAP ecosystem. Invarture brings its expertise in SAP environments, and its knowledge of this market."

Emmanuel PENE :

Manager Director - INVARTURE

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