• Rapid application development with an API first approach.

  • Low-code and no-code functionalities for developing desktop or mobile apps.

  • Develop for any technology or architecture, cloud or on-premise. Host your apps however you prefer.

  • Choose and customize the UI you want for your users: Vue JS, React, UI5 and more.

  • Support for Open Source libraries (jQuery…) and Javascript libraries (ReactJS, AngularJS…).

  • Support for API REST, OData, Swagger.

    Compatible with cloud hosting for Google, Oracle, IBM, Bluemix, Microsoft, Azure, Amazon et SAP Cloud Platform.

  • Unify your displays and bring a single UX to all users, despite fragmented backends.

  • Accelerate app development while reducing costs, and reach your digital transformation faster.

  • Develop for any device and push for mobility within your organisation.

  • Flexible and open architecture: Cloud, APIs, on premise… The possibilities are endless for you to build your app offer however you wish.

  • Centralize all business processes and systems within a secure, single point of entry.

  • Industrialize your app builds in accordance with DevOps principles.

  • Use hundreds of templates and share your creations with our very active Neptune community.

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