• Automatic data collection for the creation of tickets, including a screenshot, authorization report etc.

  • Automatic categorization and routing to send tickets to the relevant assignment group and set incident fields based on the SAP system, transaction or application component

  • Display of relevant knowledge base articles in SAP so users can solve their problems without creating a ticket

  • Management of duplicated tickets

  • Automatic creation of incidents in ServiceNow® when alerts are raised in SAP Solution Manager

  • Advanced analytics of SAP incidents

  • Quicker creation of tickets

  • Reduction of manual efforts for ticket creation and saving of working time

  • Reduction of the number of emails and phone calls required to clarify all details of a problem

  • Decrease of system downtine, mitigating the risk of incidents in production

  • Cut SAP support cost

  • 12% less incidents with SLA breach

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