Neptune DXP / Open Edition

The best user experience whatever your back-end

Neptune Open Edition

Neptune DXP – Open Edition is the only fast application development platform that provides a universal way to develop and manage enterprise applications regardless of the architecture used in back-end: Cloud, on premise, APIs, etc.  It helps companies deliver the best possible user experience (UX) for their fixed or mobile applications.

Easy creation of ergonomic and modern user interfaces thanks to an APIs designer.

Support for REST, ODATA, Swagger APIs.

Support for Open Source libraries like jQuery and Java script libraries like ReactJS, AngularJS.

Cloud hosting possible and compatible with Google, Oracle, IBM, Bluemix, Microsoft, Azure, Amazon and SAP Cloud Platform.

Development in low-code or no-code of fixed or mobile applications.

Integration with any cloud, fixed architecture or backend system.

The best user experience whatever your back-end


The platform fully covers the development, management and life cycle of the application, allowing developers to create and manage applications with a next-generation HTML5-based UI (user interface).

The Open Edition module of Neptune offers you a drag-and-drop, low-code interface that simplifies developments and deployments.

One single front-end for all enterprise applications, regardless of the back-end system

End of fragmentation of back-end systems, user experience (UX) and development processes

Open architecture: Cloud, APIs, on premise, all choices are possible

A single enterprise resource access point via the launchpad that adapts to all back-end

Running on SAP, Google, AWS, Oracle and connecting to any SQL base or ERP systems

Compatibility with Linux, OSX, Windows, Raspberry Pi servers

Sharing templates, applications and APIs with the Neptune community

Neptune Open Edition


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With Neptune Open Edition, unify SAP and all your other IT systems under one UX

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Develop and design low-code applications with Neptune DXP

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