• End-to-end automation of testing within your delivery process.

  • Rapidly build test-cases with our intuitive recorder.

  • Manage functional and load tests for any program, API or UI.

  • Risk-based testing and impact analysis.

  • Model-based automation: no code, no scripts.

  • Test scaling and service virtualization functionalities.

  • Supports more than 160 technologies to support all your business needs.

  • Simplify and automate testing for both developers and functional users.

  • Reduce manual testing to the bare minimum.

  • Greatly accelerate the delivery of your upgrades and new projects.

  • Avoid scrip maintenance thanks to our model-based test cases.

  • Save time and money to reinvest where you really need it.

  • Use a single platform for all your testing needs (programs, API, UI, web…) no matter the technology

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Model-based Test Automation.

Risk based testing.