Manage and secure your SAP data with Invarture

We bring you efficient and ready-to-use software to leverage the data within your SAP while keeping sensitive information safe.  Our solutions cover data analytics for business users, data copy for testing optimization and data management for GDPR compliance.


Magnitude Angles for SAP

  • Self-service business reporting and analytics platform for SAP

  • Manage daily tasks and keep a complete vision of your activities

  • Enforce a single source of truth for your data and put an end to rogue Excel sheets

  • Build your reports in a few minutes with complete autonomy, without relying on IT

  • Analyze your data in depth to reveal bottlenecks and the root cause of issues

  • Stop waiting: get answers to your questions and all the insight that you need when you need it

  • Monitor risks and prepare your audits with our dedicated GRC module

  • Make SAP more accessible and easier to understand and leverage for business users

Key features

  • Pre-modelized SAP data configuration and connections: get Angles for SAP live in 3 days only

  • On-demand and intuitive report creation in the hands of business users, without any request to IT

  • Customizable dashboards and hundreds of report templates for a quick and easy start

  • Most usefuls KPIs for all common processes are pre-calculated by Angles for SAP for maximum insight into your data

  • Search and execute reports based on business processes: procurement, sales, finance, supply chain, plant maintenance, HR…

  • Powerful and flexible analytics: data modelization, cross-analyze different SAP modules, drill-down to root cause, move and add columns…

  • Works on any device (mobile, tablet…) and compatible with visualization and BI tools such as Tableau® and QlikView®

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Data Sync Manager

  • Select, copy and scramble SAP data on-demand

  • Refresh your test data quicker and more often while reducing production downtime

  • Accelerate your test cycles and automate post-refresh tasks (BDLS)

  • Provide up-to-date data to your developers and stay as close to production as possible

  • Copy specific SAP objects for repeated test scenarios or copy client slices by time period and/or company code

  • Reduce the volume of your disks up to 90% for non-production systems and save as much on storage costs

  • Mass-scramble your sensitive data according to your own masking rules

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