• System Builder : build new non-production SAP systems without any transactional data, but keep your repository.

  • Client Sync : reduced client copy. Select only the slice of data you really want while keeping its consistency. Refresh faster without impacting production!

  • Object Sync : copy specific objects or testing scenarios for business users. Replicate in mass for faster testing!

  • Data Secure : protect your sensitive data in non-production systems by masking it in a variety of ways, in accordance with the rules you pre-defined.

  • Precise and consistent testing data, on demand.

  • Quick and easy copy or creation of SAP clients, with automated post-refresh tasks (BDLS)

  • No more production downtime for days on end.

  • Up to 80% disk space reduction in copied client, and the cost reduction that comes with it.

  • Protect your sensitive data and ensure compliance with GDPR

  • SAP certified solution with quick and easy install: one transport per system, no extra hardware.

  • Familiar and easy-to-use GUI within SAP.

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